All of our printers can be purchased assembled or as a kit. When you purchase an assembled printer we like to prove it works as well. We'll send you with a 3D Benchy to show you we've calibrated it to spec. We also give you recommendations on slicer settings we think do well with the printer.

Assembly price ranges from $50 to $200 depending on the printer.


Some upgrades can be a pain to install and tweak to be perfect. Any upgrade you buy from us, you can choose to bring in your printer to have us install it for you. You can also choose an upgrade when you first buy a printer and save some time and money on assembly.

Prices for this really vary from printer to printer so feel free to contact us to see what it would cost.


Not all printers are perfect, they can be really frustrating at times to figure out what's causing an issue, whether that be layer shift, adhesion problems, etc . We've seen a lot when it comes to printing, and we can help. You can always feel free to stop by and ask for help on an issue you're having, but we can also help fix the issue itself.

Just like upgrades, this also varies a lot from printer to printer. Give us a call or stop in to see what we can do.


We want to work with you, and not just to be a vendor, but to be a premier-partner in helping you succeed. 3D printing is an irreplaceable tool for prototyping and showing off proof-of-concepts, which can help secure funding.

Let us help you choose the right printers and materials to be able to be successful in your ventures.

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3D printing is an invaluable method of teaching students all aspects of STEM. It allows students to learn in a way that was not possible in the past. Being able to show students they have the power to create and engineer is the best way to prove to your students that they hold the keys to be successful.

We believe that educators are super important to our nation's future. Let us be a part of helping you and your students succeed.

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